The Best US Online Stores to Shop From in 2019

Brand not bringing in the latest products? Prices more expensive? Lack of variety? Being based in Southeast Asia, we definitely feel your pain. Holiday trips to the US opened our eyes to the lack of selection and inflated retail prices in countries like Singapore. We wanted greater access to our favorite merchants that sadly, didn’t ship to Singapore). Bothering our friends or relatives to bring back items from the States wasn’t feasible, and traditional forwarding sites were hard to use and charged exorbitant shipping fees.

AORA, A Buying Concierge that Helps You to Shop From the USA
AORABuy is a Buying Concierge Service that Helps You To Shop from the USA

That’s why we developed AORABuy. AORABuy is a premier online buying service that makes overseas shopping easily available to everyone. And which better market to give people access from than the US, where the best brands, latest products, largest variety, and best prices can be found.

For some shopping inspiration, here are some of our favourite USA stores and marketplaces to shop from: – The Undisputed King of Online Shopping

Amazon, Your One-stop Marketplace for Everything Under The Sun

Amazon USA is the world’s most popular marketplace, where you can find anything from bluetooth headphones to baby clothes.

Hailed as the king of marketplaces, an estimated 75% of consumers in the US shop on Amazon, and for good reason too. Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world with over 600 million products available. But it isn’t just an availability game with Amazon – the marketplace also has one of the best prices around across multiple categories of consumer goods. Its huge selection and reasonable prices make Amazon the primary marketplace to start searching for products and to compare prices.

Visit Amazon – Quality Outfits for your Kids that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Carter's is the leading brand for clothing and children's accessories

As the leading brand for children’s clothing & accessories, Carter’s has won the hearts of moms with children’s apparel that are both affordable and adorable

Attention, all moms! Carter’s will be your new favorite site when you’re looking to pick a new outfit (or five) for your child. With their pieces adorning adorable prints on quality soft fabrics, it’s no wonder that Carter’s sells 10 items for every baby born in the US. To get comparable quality here in Southeast Asia, expect to pay double or more for the price. Carter’s is a personal favourite of our co-founder (and new dad to an adorable baby girl), Cedric – and we hope it becomes every parent’s new go-to site as well.

Visit, the leading brand for children and clothing accessories

Sephora USA – The Holy Grail for Makeup Lovers

Sephora USA is the one-stop shop for all makeup, skincare and more
Sephora USA is a beauty haven with everything you need to put your best face forward

Your local Sephora might be easily accessible, but Sephora USA is easily the place with the greatest deals. Sephora USA has all the beauty brands you love, even those that aren’t available here locally in Southeast Asia. But what really excites us about the USA site is that their sales section features products that go up to 50% off retail price in Singapore.

PS: One of our staff scored an Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit at SGD 35 after shipping and other fees, when it was at SGD 70 in Sephora Singapore! As Sephora USA does not ship to Singapore, use AORA to get access to all these great deals!

Visti Sephora USA, the one-stop shop for all things beauty and skincare

Glossier – A Millienial Favourite

Glossier is a millenial favourite with its famous Boy Brow, Cloud Paint and Jelly Cleanser
Glossier – the cult-favourite that’s all the rage amongst millenials

Every, and I repeat – every, make up fanatic knows about this brand. Glossier has been taking over the makeup world by storm with their no-makeup makeup look because no one wakes up looking that fabulous), and from the never-ending hype and gleaming reviews from Youtubers and beauty gurus, they are here. to. stay.

But as much as you want to get Glossier in your hands to figure out what the damn hype is about, you can’t because they do not ship out of the United States (urgh.) But with AORA, we will help you to buy from the US. So you can now get your hands on Glossier’s iconic Cloud Paint and Jelly Cleansers.

Visit, the cult favourite that's making waves in the beauty market – PC Parts, Laptops, Electronics and More is bookmarked on every tech aficiando’s browser for its amazing range of electronic products.

Based out of sunny California, the renown site is one of the best places to shop from when you’re looking for the best deals on electronics. Whether it’s computer hardware, consumer electronics, or the latest products that have just rolled out in the market, Newegg has it all. While they have localized sites in a few Southeast Asian countries, their US store has tons more variety and better prices

Pro tip: remember to switch your country settings to US to view the best deals.

Visit for all your tech electronics needs – The Official Disney Store

shopDisney is the official Disney site for all Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel merchandise
shopDisney is the official site for all authentic Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel merchandise

From the newer Frozen to the old school Winnie the Pooh, we can all agree that Disney holds a special place in our hearts. Their products often make for the perfect gift for young children, and its great to buy directly from the source to make sure you get the genuine article.

You can now buy directly from Disney in the US itself to ensure 100% authentic Disney products. Check out the latest Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel merchandise with prices much cheaper than sold retail here in South East Asia. We particularly love that you can personalise products, where you can emboss the name of your loved one!

Visit for all authentic – The Largest Poster and Print Site on the Planet

With over 3,000,000 images to select from, is our number #1 favourite for affordable art online

Love Van Gogh’s Starry Night? How about Picasso’s The Old Guitarist? Or Banksy’s Balloon Girl? Us too. If you’ve always wondered what it feels like to be a multi-billionaire with a penchant for fine art, we’ve got the perfect website for you. is the largest online store for decorative posters and prints in the world. With over 3,000,000 images to choose from, selections include movie, pop-culture, motivational, classical & modern artwork posters and prints which will satisfy any decorator looking to spruce up any space. There are even multiple framing options available to make that piece truly your own. They recently closed their international shipping to focus on the US market (Dec 2018), but don’t worry you can still purchase your favorites using – The best online luxury watch shop in the USA with huge savings

With up to 80% discount and thousands of popular luxury watches in stock, JomaShop is our pick for the #1 online watch shop (surpassing Amazon) to search and look for great timepiece deals. With their long online reputation and easy to browse site, we not only find browsing (or checking prices) a breeze, but are also assured of genuine purchases on our favorite buys.

With AORA’s favourable FX rates, efficient shipping and insurance, this is a great site to use with our platform for fantastic value. 

Shop from Our Favourite Merchants via

Though many of the merchants mentioned above do not ship outside of the United States, AORABuy will buy it on behalf of you and ship it to you! AORABuy is your dedicated buying concierge service that helps you to buy from the United States, and we integrate cost-efficient shipping, a quick one-stop checkout from multiple stores, and great FX rates to make your cross-border shopping experience seamless and fast.

Ready, get set, and start shopping from the United States at today!

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