Your 2019 Guide to Amazon Echos and Alexa – Voice Assistant and Smart Home Devices

Voice Assistants are all the rage these days. With one simple voice command, you can take notes, set alarms, play music, and control your devices (including lights)!

The popularity of voice assistants is undisputed. The Google Assistant is expected to be installed on over 1 billion devices in the near future. Amazon recently announced that over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices have been sold. Equipment manufacturers are also catching on fast, with latest gadgets incorporating either Google, Alexa, or both in their devices.

Voice Assistants are proof that tech that enhances your quality of life does not need to be expensive. With Amazon, their signature Voice Assistant Alexa has been a staple in every tech enthusiast’s home. 

Let’s take a quick look at Amazon’s most popular Alexa-enabled devices: 

Latest Amazon Echo Dot (2018, 3rd Generation) at USD $49.99

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Speaker Size: 0.6″ |  Device Size: 32mm x 84mm x 84mm, 163 grams

First launched in 2014 and upgraded every year amid fierce competition, the Echo Dot is a crowd favorite in the market. The Amazon Echo Dot is an extremely affordable solid mini speaker with Amazon’s integrated AI, Alexa.

Other than the usual voice commands for alarms, calls, answering questions, and reminders, Alexa also integrates with multiple electronic devices around the home (for control) plus other software via Alexa Skills like Spotify for music, Ted Talks, Amazon Story Time (great for kids aged 5-12), and various global news outlets (BBC, New York Times) to entertain plus keep you up to date.

With continuous innovation and more than 50,000 Alexa Skills available and counting, there is something for everyone. We highly recommend getting the TP-Link Smart Plug as well to enable on/off control for your home devices and lights. Who doesn’t want to feel like a magician (or Tony Stark)? 

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Echo (2nd Generation) at USD 99.99

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Speaker Size: 2.5″ woofer and 0.6″ tweeter | Speaker type: Dual speakers with room-filling sound, powered by Dolby 

The Amazon Echo jumps to a different price bracket from its predecessor, the Echo Dot, and with good reason too. The Amazon Echo comes with Dolby digital speakers that amp the audio quality up by a few notches. The Echo also comes in classy finishes such as mellow Oak and smooth Walnut, that is not available for the Echo Dot and Echo Plus. 

The Amazon Echo is great if you’re looking to get great sounding speakers that improve your day-to-day life with its smart Alexa technology.

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All-new Echo Plus (2nd Generation) at USD 149.99

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Speaker Size: 3″ neodymium woofer and 0.8″ tweeter | Speaker type: Dual speakers with room-filling sound, powered by Dolby | Zigbee-hub available: Built-in Zigbee hub for simple setup of compatible smart home devices

A larger version of its younger sibling, Echo Dot, and one of the best mid-range smart speakers for the home, the Echo Plus comes with larger speakers, a larger form factor and a lower price tag compared to its previous generation. While the software for both devices is the same, the main difference is its larger speakers with richer quality sound for big spaces.

The Echo Plus also comes with a built-in Zigbee hub. This makes setting up your dream smart home easy and fast. The built-in Zigbee allows Alexa to automatically connect to Zigbee devices such as the Phillips Hue Bulbs without any stress. 

All Echo devices can connect to each other, so getting Echo Dots for bedrooms and the Echo Plus for the living room is a pretty sweet setup. Its new modern design and different fabric/color options also make it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

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