AORA vs Traditional Parcel Forwarding

With AORA, we’ve made buying from online stores in the USA seamless and hassle free! Compared to traditional parcel forwarders, our system looks to revolutionize the way you shop cross-border.

Traditional Parcel Forwarding hasn’t changed in 18 years … 

Current Parcel Forwarding services involve a complex process fraught with potential headaches and time sinks. Its 2019, you deserve better.

With our Service you will never have to,

Copy and paste a US address ever again

Take care of any purchasing and delivery issues by yourself

Get Overcharged on Shipping

Deal with Dishonest Pricing like hidden charges, inflated FX rates, and expensive service fees

Our Process is Simpler than Traditional Parcel Forwarding

We wanted to provide a single checkout solution for your overseas purchases. We can even handle orders from multiple stores in a single order!

You tell us what you want

Like a friend and personal concierge, we buy, ship, and take care of everything in between for peace of mind

Sit back and wait for your product to arrive!

Our Technology

  • Your Time is Valuable – See everything and Checkout Under 2 mins – Automatic Purchases from Supported Stores
  • Seamless and Accurate – Proprietary Weight Database of 10 million consumer items for accurate upfront shipping cost
  • Unlike Traditional Parcel Forwarders we never overcharge – Automated Refunds for Weight Discrepancies

We Make Sure ..

1) Your Purchases are Genuine – We integrate only the best and most reputable brands in the US

2) Experts who are always there for peace of mind – We live and breathe cross-border shipping – Reach out to us via telephone or email and always talk to a real live person to solve any issue

3) Integrated Tracking – We keep you updated on your package status via email every step of the way

To find out more, check out our detailed How AORA Works page

We are Grateful for your Support

Every order matters to us. As we grow in volume and size, we hope to pass on even greater savings to the community. Try us out and let us know what you think!

About Us
Shop from Your Favourite US Merchants via

Its never easy getting the latest products at the best prices as many of the merchants and brands in the US do not ship to Asia. That’s why we built the world’s first automated buying service. AORABuy is your dedicated buying concierge service that helps you to buy online items from the United States. We integrate cost-efficient shipping, a quick one-stop checkout from multiple stores, and great FX rates to make your cross-border shopping experience seamless and fast.

Ready, get set, and start shopping from the United States at today!

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