Live in Singapore? This is Why You Should Shop Directly From the United States.

As Singaporeans, we wear the trait of ‘kiasu-ism’ or loud and proud, where it’s almost like our national identity. For the uninitiated, kiasu is defined as a fear of missing out on something. You can see it from the snaking queues at Starbucks whenever there’s a buy-one-get-one-free promotion, or how plane tickets get sold out in seconds. 

However, the biggest life hack to game the shopping system is to shop directly from the US! Here are some of the reasons why Singaporeans shop from the US: 

#1 You get to shave serious dollars off your branded buys


price is cheaper



If you’re not in a rush to get a present, you can save up to 60% off retail price by buying directly from the USA! Specialty shops like Jomashop and Zappos Luxury offer authentic branded goods at seriously discounted prices. 

So the next time you’re looking for a present for a girlfriend or for a graduation, consider shopping from the US.  

#2 You get to wear that watch in that special color that isn’t available in Singapore

Variety is a factor in shopping from the united states as compared to singapore

Always wanted a particular Michael Kors bag, but the colors available don’t include your favorite shade of blue? Chances are, you might have better luck finding your favorite color on the US Michael Kors site. 

The US also has variations of products that haven’t reached our sunny shores yet. Including the Fossil Mood Watch where the watch face changes according to your mood! 

#3 You get bragging rights of owning an US-exclusive product

Exclusitivity is a factor in shopping from the united states as compared to singapore

From limited edition collaborations with superstars to exclusive games, the US has many products that are only exclusive to the country.  Instead of flying up all the way to the States, save your plane ticket money on something better, and get your hands on that much-coveted game through AORA. 

Shop from Your Favourite US Merchants via AORA

It’s never easy getting the latest products at the best prices as many of the merchants and brands in the US do not ship to Asia. That’s why we built the world’s first automated buying service. AORA Buy is your dedicated buying concierge service that helps you to buy online items from the United States. We integrate cost-efficient shipping, a quick one-stop checkout from multiple stores, and great FX rates to make your cross-border shopping experience seamless and fast.

Ready, get set, and start shopping from the United States at today!

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Vivienne from AORA

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